December 30, 2007

Quick note to anonymous (see comment below) – I get most of the girls clothes “previously loved” on eBay!  Most of it is Gymboree, because they have outfits by “line names” (such as one line is “prima ballerina” and another would be “puppy love” or “european holiday”), and so I can do a search for outfits by actual name and size… easy, eh?  Occassionally I will get new Gymboree, but it has to be super discounted and a coupon on top…  Some other brands that I adore (also on eBay) are JM Originals (their dresses), Naartjie (a South African brand), and Keedo (another South African brand).   I really have fun with the girls outfits, and I am glad it shows…. but I am also happy to share that it is almost all previously loved, which not only recycles, but also keeps costs down.  And I sell it back on eBay when we outgrow it, to other like-minded mamas.  Hope this helps!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you!! The clothes are always adorable and you’re right … “previously loved” works! Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, it’s almost over!

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