April 18, 2007

Easter Sunday started out innocently enough… we went to church and had a wonderful Roast Lamb Easter supper (thank you to Omi for that!!!). But THEN we received our Easter baskets, and we ate….

…. THIS much chocolate…


6 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you two are way 2 cute together! im glad u enjoyed your easter! and i hope you enjoyed coming to see your new brother in my tummy!

    Love you Lots
    Valie and Paul

  2. jenelle Says:

    mmmmmmm! I know where you and Ava get your love for chocolate from!!! *cough* barbie….lol

  3. Anonymous Says:

    that is to cute. it looks like they had good easter!!!!!
    uncle max and aunt stephanie

  4. blfbrat Says:

    You two look like baby dolls. I am so happy to see you in the dresses, they looked cute at the store, but by far cuter on the two of you.

    Love Gammy

  5. blfbrat Says:

    Tell Mommy we said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Love Gammy

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Those are the cutest dresses! They look adorable.

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