March 25, 2007

I am two years old!

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  1. Jenelle Says:

    I just CANNOT believe that you are already TWO YEARS OLD! It seems like just yesterday I was holding a 4 pound baby girl! I love you soooo much! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

  2. Grammy Brenda Says:

    Happy Birthday Angel, you are such a wonderful, beautiful little girl, and you have added so much love and joy to my life. I am so blessed to have you as my granddaughter. You are such a bonus. Love Gammy

  3. Bethany Says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog this long!! Baby Boy is due 5/7. Can’t wait!

    Been meaning to ask you, where did you find the little wetsuit looking suits Ava used to swim? We don’t want sunburns!

  4. Barbie (& Tad) Says:

    Hey Bethany – oh how exciting! I know how long you have waited for this baby!!!! 🙂

    One Step Ahead has them, but they are pricey. Do a search for them on eBay, every once in a while you can find one! They are called Sun Smarties (but also search for SunSmarties!). They run about true to size, but stretch nicely for comfort. Ava loved wearing hers last year, and this year Keira has one too (from eBay). They have protection factor 50+.

    A friend just told me that Target has them currently, and they are less expensive.

    Hope this helps!!

  5. Davidson Says:

    WOW …two years. Ava, you are such a pretty little lady. I still see that some of your expressions are just like Josie’s. I am sure if you two lived closer that we would have some ….let’s see how to put this…active, curious, and sometimes destructive little girls. haha But don’t we love it Barbie and Tad! Happy belated Birthday AVA. Our party is Sunday. We’ll post pics soon…I promise!

    Michael, Karla, and Josie

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