February 18, 2007

I am cleaning my sissie’s shoes…

Do you notice anything different about me? Look closely!


7 Responses to “”

  1. jenelle Says:

    keira, are you ears pierced????

  2. Grammy Brenda Says:

    Do I see you are sporting new jewlery. Did you get earrings today. What a big girl. Love Gammy

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You got your ears’ pierced
    such a BIG girl
    You are getting prettier and more adorable with each passing day

  4. Anonymous Says:

    awww mabie having them at a young age will give you ear lobes i dont have any and you dont now! but they are VERY cute! your getting to be SUCH A BIG GIRL so fast!

    Valie and Paul

  5. alicia Says:

    Just getting caught up! What a GREAT looking family Barbie!!! We are so happy for you! How did the ear piercing go? We had Emma’s done and she SCREAMED!

  6. Grammy Brenda Says:

    Happy 7 months Birthday. We love you Love Gammy

  7. Grammy Brenda Says:

    Ava and Keira, we have some special news for both of you!!!!

    You will be getting a new cousin in Sept, due Sept 10th.

    Uncle Max and Aunt Steph called us this week to give us the big news.

    You will be able to teach the baby all sorts of new things. Love GAmmy

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