November 12, 2006

Great news about my beloved birth sister Isabella across the country! She has been discharged from the NICU after a 5 week stay, and is with her mommy Jenelle now… She does not yet even weigh 5 pounds, but she is absolutely *perfect* in every way. Her mommy (and my birth mommy) Jenelle says that the top half of Bella’s face looks like mine, and the bottom half looks like my big sis Livie. We cannot wait to meet you, Bella…


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  1. Jenelle Says:

    Ava – Bella and I cannot wait to see you!!! It will be so special to have all THREE of you girls in the same room someday!! We are all so very blessed and so thankful to your mommy and daddy for allowing us to be such a part of your life! We love and miss ALL of you bunches!

  2. Grammy Brenda Says:

    That is wonderful news, such a blessing. She has to be beautiful if she is a cross between you and Oliva.
    Love Gammy

  3. Anonymous Says:

    she is soooo adorable! congarats to u all! i bet u cant Wait to met ur new baby sister!

    love ya

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful news about Bella. What state are they living in? Im glad everyone is doing well. Barbie you are a great mom and Tad a great dad. You make great parents for these children and they will know they are loved. God Bless You

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hello I agree with the last post, When will you get to meet Bella and I hope you will add pictures of Ava and Bella to your web page.

    I read you spent Thanksgiving there last year, will you spend it there this year, and also will you and Ted adopt again?

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