May 2, 2006

My first word may very well be “kitty” – I don’t quite say it yet, but my grandma worked on this with me and when I see a kitty I say “i-ee”. I *love* kitties! I always squeal when I see them. I also copy my mommy when she calls for puppy “Jessie”, I will copy her and then smile at her sweetly šŸ™‚

I can do “clapping” and wave hello and bye-bye now, it makes everyone me smile when I do these tricks. I am using walking as my primary means of locomotion now, but only indoors – outside I still ask for someone to hold my left hand lightly (mostly for moral support, I don’t hold on very tightly).

My mommy and I are outside for a few hours every day – I just adore the outdoors. Often I will make my way to the front door and pound on it and yell, and then mommy often takes me outside. Of course that positive reinforcement just lets me know that my mommy manipulations *totally WORK*, ha ha.

I am CRAZY for swimming! I went into Pinchot lake 10 days ago – it was still freezing and no mommy in her right mind would let their child swim in that cold water (it was just frozen over 2 months ago), but I insisted on going in and mommy let me. I yelled everytime she tried to take me out, so I got to swim for 20 minutes… the other mommies from the Mom’s group were amazed and laughing, I am so funny. Luckily mommy’s neighor and good friend has a swimming pool, so we can pop over whenever we like this summer!

My favorite video is Baby Signing Times – it has babies doing sign language with songs. Next, I like the Baby Einstein farm animals video. At grandma’s house I like teletubbies a lot. (Mommy limits my video time, do not worry!)

Well, I am off for a nap, then mommy and I are going shopping (have I mentioned that daddy is appalled at how much I enjoy shopping with mommmy, ha ha?!)


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