April 17, 2006

Do you know how in life there are certain things that stick out in your mind from years ago – small things that may otherwise have seemed trivial or less meaningful, and yet you *always* remember them? Well, mommy had one of those moments last night when she and I shared my chocolate Easter bunny. It was such so special and magical…

Boy do I love chocolate! And I just might be become a chocolate snob like my mommy – I had a Belgian chocolate bunny and it was so luscious and creamy. Nah, I change my mind… I will probably be like my daddy and like *all* kinds of chocolate! With Hershey, PA so very close, hmmmmm…..


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ava, dear, ask Mommy to take a picture of you in your Easter outfit…maybe even eating chocolate in it!!

    Donna Fulton

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