November 16, 2005

I am 7.5 months old now and I weigh 15 pounds. I still smile like a cartoon turtle, hence my proud papa calls me his precious “turtle”.


November 8, 2005

I look like a boy today! Mommy is tempted to get my ears pierced 🙂 I am still a very happy baby. Only 2 weeks to go until I see my birth family for Thanksgiving 🙂

November 5, 2005

I *swam* in my pumpkin Halloween costume – I’ll be able to fit into it better next year 🙂 My mommy and daddy ate all my candy though – sigh… I really enjoyed trick or treating, I was not scared at all!

November 5, 2005

The weather here in PA has been FABULOUS – in the 70’s! So mommy has been taking me on lots of walks this week – even though mommy broke one of her toes and sprained two others (silly mommy, she is very very embarrassed about the whole thing). Today it will be 75, so daddy and mommy and Jessie dog and I are going to Gettysburg to hike the battlefields.