October 14, 2005

I had a big day yesterday – not only is it my sister Livie’s 3-year birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY big sister!), I also had my 6 month checkup. This is incredible: when the doctors compare me to “regular” 6-month olds (remember, my adjusted age is 3.5 months!) I score at the 5% mark for my height, 20% for my weight, and a whopping 50% for my head circumference. Despite being born 3 months too early! Dr. Hertz says that I am doing remarkably, she is so very amazed at me, and she says to keep doing what we are doing now, because it is very much working. My mommy and granny were beaming throughout the checkup, you should have seen them 🙂

The developmental therapists also came and once again they can find absolutely no deficits in me. In fact, I am ahead in some aspects (trying to sit, stand, and some cognitive areas, as examples). Kris loves visiting me, because many of her children are not doing as wonderfully as I. She tried to help teach me to rollover. I don’t really have much need to rollover yet, because I just call for my mommy or daddy, and they come running to me, LOL, I have them wrapped so tightly!

My doctor said that I should include *meat* in my diet from the start. My mommy is so happy, because she had that same inclination. Now mommy will be able to cook nutritious meals for me. Daddy will get the same meals (only not mushed, and with some flavor added). So far, this is what I have eaten (okay, not eaten, but rather played with): rice cereal, avocado, carrots, cream of asparagus, and turkey, ham. Mommy is starting very very slowly with me, so I’m really not actually *eating* much, rather just trying to get used to the taste and the mushy consistency. I’m not too keen on anything but the rice cereal and avocado (a little) yet. But oh, I look so CUTE with green and orange all over my face!


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  1. Jenelle Says:

    Oh – I am so proud of you angel baby!!!!

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