August 3, 2005

I’ve had a whirlwind of two days! Yesterday my development therapist came to visit, and continued lessons on how my mommy can massage me… am I a lucky girl or what? The developmental therapists cannot find a thing wrong with me, so the only thing they can work on is teaching my mama how to make me feel yummy. Not too shabby 🙂

Then I went to Gymboree (GymBabies) were we did fun, colorful, music-y things with mirrors, balloons, bubbles, parachutes, etc. I was a little overstimulated, but I was fascinated, too. My mommy is not sure I am ready for this yet…

Today I went for my first swim! Water Babies at my mommy’s gym is SO much fun! I cried 3 times, understandably, but was so good the rest of the time. I do not totally love it yet, but I certainly enjoyed it just a little, and was quite fascinated by the splashes, games, and songs. My mommy looks funny blowing bubbles – silly mommy! Mommy and me had a great time and cannot wait until the next class.

I am still the favorite in the gym nursery (’cause I’m the youngest) and I sleep well when one of the grandmas there is holding me. My mommy has started carrying me on her back a lot more, in a “Frankencozy” that she made herself (and thus it looks really really funny, ha ha) – it is a cross between an Asian and a German baby carrier. That way mommy can cook and clean with no danger to anything splashing on me. Mommy’s back is quite sore, but she does it for me, because I love it so. I am beginning to enjoy one of my swings (mommy says “whew, thank goodness”). I’ve been doing Mommy & Me DVD’s with mommy at home. My eyes are definitely turning brown, and my curly hair is beginning to come in. My mommy and daddy are so thrilled that I will look like my big sis Oliviah, because they think Livie is the *cutest*.

Off to the gym with mommy and then to grandma’s house! Love, Ava


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