June 16, 2005

This week I am in southern Virginia (Roanoke) – my grandfather “Papi” passed away on Wednesday. Mommy and me (it is mommy’s daddy) were able to be with him since Monday. Now we are just spending time with the family, enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing a lot. We went on a “safari” today and everyone around me protected me from the zebras, bison, etc. sticking their heads in my daddy’s car; it was quite an exciting adventure. Yesterday I went on my first hike. We went to Roaring Run and hiked along the waterfalls. I really, really enjoyed that – my mommy carried me in the Solarveil sling (airy and cool, but UV protection for my delicate skin). Today we also went to a German restaurant. We are doing all these fun things because Papi used to do these things with us, and we can remember him that way. Mommy took some pictures of me with Papi when we first visited him 2 weeks ago, and a few from Tuesday, when he was quite peaceful; they will be very special to mommy because she could tell how delighted Papi was by my arrival in the family. My whole family is also very glad at the timing, because without me there would be a lot more sadness; they feel that I bring new life to an otherwise sad time. My auntie Susanne pretty much holds me most of the time… she cannot stand to be without me! Uncles Tommy and Chris also slurped me up these past few days – I took a lot of naps on aunties and uncles. I still LOVE taking naps on people, in fact right now while mommy is typing for me I am on my daddy’s chest while *he* is napping!

Mommy will post more pictures of me when she gets back home. She thinks I am almost 8 pounds now, but people still keep saying “wow, what a tiny baby!”. To my parents I am *huge* though 🙂 I still wake up every 2-3 hours at night to feed, but every once in a while I give mommy a 3-4 hour longer stretch. Mommy knows that someday she will TREASURE the midnight parties she and I have, although at that time when they occur she seems a little bit tired 🙂 Mommy and daddy are more in love with me than ever before. I am doing new things every day, like holding my head up a little better, and focusing my eyes better. I still do the preemie groaning a *lot*, and it makes everyone laugh. I am still very very gassy because of my lactose intolerance, but everything seems okay. I am finally up to date and caught up with my vaccinations.

Well, mommy has to come and get me, it is time for my first (of several) dinner! Lots of love, Ava


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    So sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. I’m glad little Ava was able to bring him so much joy in such a short time. God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.

    You and your family are in my prayers,

  2. Nana Says:

    We too are sorry for your loss. I’m so happy your Father was able to see Ava, and that she’s being so well loved by one and all!
    We will keep you and your Family lifted in prayer.

    Patrice, Dave and Oliviah

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