June 9, 2005

Oh boy, it has been an exciting 2 weeks! I had a pediatrician appointment yesterday, and I weighed 7 pounds, can you believe it? I gained almost 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks (since discharge). I have to make quite a few pediatrician appointments, because I have what my doctor calls “one shot legs” – my thighs are so tiny that they can only do one vaccination at a time 🙂

I have travelled a LOT and I really enjoy it, it keeps me stimulated and yet I just love the hum of the car and sleeping in my car seat. I do not use my preemie car bed anymore, I am too big for it, and I don’t need it anymore because I am a big girl now. It took a few days to travel home from Louisiana, and then I was only in town for a few hours – enough time to get a few visitors, go to the pediatrician, and catch a good night’s sleep and then I was off on the road to visit family and to go to the beach with my soon-to-be best friend Annalise, who is 4 months older than me. That took a week, and now I have been home for a few days. I’ll tell you what – my few days home were much more hectic than my time on the road… I’ve had so many visitors! And my mommy was interviewed for a local newspaper (they will take 3 months to get to know us) and also for a few national women’s magazines, which kept her a little stressed. But now things are quieting down. I am really looking forward to going to church this Sunday – I know just how many PRAYERS there were for me there, and I want to show everyone just how their prayers were answered!

I am getting a little better with my sleeping patterns – I am back to only waking every 3 hours at night, and mommy is very, very grateful for that… there were a few nights when I just wanted to party the whole night, and mommy did not really enjoy the partying like I did 🙂

My days are filled with visits to people that are close to us, lots of walks to grandma Connie’s house (a few times a day, because I so LOVE my all-terrain stroller), and my mommy does a lot of baby-wearing with me in a pouch or sling, which I really enjoy. I am getting a little spoiled, amd my mommy worried that she is wearing me *too* much because I get fussy when I am not being held. Mommy is also getting very behind in the house work because she is with me almost all the time (I don’t really like my bouncy seats or my swings) but that is okay I don’t care what the kitchen looks like, as long as mommy or someone is holding me 🙂 See what I mean by being a little spoiled? 🙂

I miss my birth family a little, especially Jenelle and nana Patrice and papa David and my sister Oliviah. I can tell they are not around me. But mommy and daddy whisper in my ear that I will likely see them before the year is out, and I think I will really like that.

lots of love, Ava


2 Responses to “”

  1. mokemonster Says:

    i’m glad to hear little ava is doing so well!

  2. Nana Says:

    She is thriving! All that love and attention! We miss you Ava! Looking forward to seeing you again!

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