May 18, 2005

Hi everyone sorry I have not been able to update much in the last 2 days… my mommy was away from the ‘puter! The last two days have been a blur for me and my mommy, and very exciting and a little exhausting. Most excitedly, I was discharged to mommy Jenelle this morning, and then mommy Jenelle gave Barbie and Tad their blessing to become my parents! It was exciting, but I was in my new car seat and nana and mommy were rocking me and I slept through the whole thing. It was an emotional 2 days for everyone. Mommy did 2 interviews with local TV stations, and one with the local paper and she did so well, so did mommy Jenelle, she helped out a little. Next Tuesday another TV interview will air that features adoptive breastfeeding; I am so proud of my mommy, she volunteered to be in front of the camera while breastfeeding me with the Lact-Aid, it was not as hard as mommy thought it would be at all, they did a very wonderful job with it! Now mommy and me are sequestered at the Residence Inn, and guess what, they upgraded us to a penthouse suite! Our story is really touching a lot of people here in Shreveport… Now we just await word from both Baton Rouge and Harrisburg that we are allowed to travel across both state lines, and then daddy will fly down here and we’ll be coming home. Oh, how my mommy longs to be home… with her hubby, back in her church, in her neighborhood, with her family, and with her pets. Tomorrow I’ll have mommy take some pictures of my new adventure with her, and you will see just how much mommy and me are enjoying our “babymoon” together 🙂


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh Sweet Baby Ava, I could cry, and am!! Your parents have waited for you for so long! You are truly a blessing from God!! We can’t wait to see you and your mommy! We’ve missed you both so much! Enjoy your remaining days down there and visiting with your family! We are anxiously awaiting your homecoming to Manchester. Take care and hug your mommy tight! Prayers are with you all for a save trip home!
    LOL & Prayers,

  2. Anonymous Says:


    I have been thinking about you since reading you were adopting baby Ava. I am so happy everything has turned out so well for you!

    Danielle House

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