May 6, 2005

Today is my 5th week and 6 days! I am doing a little better this morning – it is a new day and I am feeling more like myself. I’ll still have to be careful and I am still waiting on my stool exam, but it looks like I likely do not have an infection, or anything else serious… it might just be that I was pushed too hard with all the breast and bottle feeding – those really are very exhausting for someone as little as me! Mommy and the occupational therapist (“occupational”, huh?) helped me feed this morning, it took some effort and I was only able to coordinate 4 really proper sucks and swallows. But that is okay, the rest went into my tummy through my nose and my tummy was nice and full and warm and I felt cozy after that. Mommy will be skipping some of the feedings today and handle me a little less than usual, but I can see her and hear her from my isolette and I like that. I gained 8 grams even through all the fuss yesterday, and now weight a record (for me!) 3 lbs 13 oz. My feeds were increased, and a second form of supplement was given to boost my calorie count. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    First let me express congratulations on your new precious baby. I noted that you did not seem to know what the term “Occupational” means in the title of Occupational Therapist. At the turn of the century when we evolved the term “occupation” meant purposeful act. This is very confusing since today most people think of occupation as vocation. The areas we cover are work, leisure and self-care. For an infant work would be their feeding and development and as they get older play becomes their work because it assist in their development and when they start school it becomes their work. My desire is that if I can educate one person then maybe they can educate another and so on. We have been around a long time and are use to people asking us if we get people jobs. But hey we did not pick the title, we just love the profession. Thank you for letting me comment and may you and your family be blessed.

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